ICS Annual Report 1987-1988

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Table of Contents

ICS Staff and advisory Committee (scanned pdf)

The Director's Statement (scanned pdf)

Summary of highlights (scanned pdf)

Research In Progress (scanned pdf)

Other Academic Activities (scanned pdf)

Publications 1987/88 (scanned pdf)

Expenditures-Extramural (scanned pdf)

Appendix A-1: Proposals Submitted 1987/88 (scanned pdf)

Appendix B: Statistical Summaries (scanned pdf)

Appendix B1a: UCSB Academic Staff Engaged in Research (scanned pdf)

Appendix B1b: Participation from Other Campuses, Colleges, Universities, Industry (scanned pdf)

Appendix B2a: Employees on University Funds (scanned pdf)

Appendix B2b: Employees on Non-University Funds (scanned pdf)

Appendix B3: ICSS Space Allocation (scanned pdf)