Institute for Crustal Studies
1998/99 Annual Report

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Statistical Summary

1. Academic personnel engaged in research:
  a. Faculty 23
  b. Professional Researchers 21
  c. Specialists 0
  d. Postdoctorals 0
  e. Postgraduate Researchers 2
  TOTAL 46
2. Graduate Students:
  a. Employed on contracts and grants 24
  b. Employed on other sources of funds 0
  c. Participating through assistantships 0
  d. Participating through traineeships 0
  e. Other (volunteer) 0
  TOTAL 24
3. Undergraduate Students:
  a. Employed on contracts and grants 15
  b. Employed on other funds 4
  c. Number of volunteers, & unpaid interns 5
  TOTAL 24
  Average number of hours/week of student assistance 150
4. Participation from outside UCSB:
  a. Academics 21
  b. Postdoctorals 0
  c. Postgraduate Researchers 0
  d. Other (Industry and Government) 16
5. Staff (Univ. & Non-Univ. Funds):
  a. Technical 12
  b. Administrative/Clerical 9
6. Publications37
7. Seminars, symposia, workshops sponsored25
8. Proposals submitted75
9. Number of different awarding agencies dealt with*19
10. Number of extramural awards administered76
11. Dollar value of extramural awards administered during year**$9,187,971
12. Number of Principal Investigators***44
13. Dollar value of other project awards****$403,741
14. Number of other projects administered7
15. Total base budget for the year (as of June 30)$112,506
16. Dollar value of intramural support$100,441
17. Total assigned square footage in ORU5734
18. Dollar value of awards for year (08 Total)$3,001,188
* Count each agency only once (include agencies to which proposals have been submitted)
** If the award was open during the year, even if for only one month, please include in total.
*** Number of PIs, Co-PIs and Proposed PIs (count each person only once)
**** Other projects - such as donation, presidential awards, fellowships, anything that isn't core budget, extramural, or intramural.

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