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The Institute's researchers and staff have developed or implemented a variety of service facilities in the course of their research or work.

Research Sponsored Services

http://db.cosmos-eq.org - Cosmos Virtual Data Center - Database
http://www.cosmos-eq.org - Cosmos Virtual Data Center - Home Page
http://projects.crustal.ucsb.edu/mapcat - GMT Map Catalog (developed by Geoff Ely)

ICS Sponsored Services

https://mail.crustal.ucsb.edu - WebMail Service

ICS Administrative Services

Administrative Services - Additional services offered on the restricted access listing below.

Computer and Administrative Services Support for ICS participants

http://support.crustal.ucsb.edu - Computer and and Administrative Services support (restricted to local users)
Relocated, Published URIs - Listing of published ICS website addresses that have relocated to new institutions

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