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ICS community outreach programs are designed to communicate information about earthquakes, geophysics and seismology to the general public. This outreach is typically supported by either the Institute or by the individual research projects. Some programs started by a research program have been supported by the Institute beyond the research projects end.

Over the past several years and under the aegis of ICS researchers, three elementary and secondary schools in Nepal have been adopted as "sister" schools of Goleta classrooms, where exchanges of letters, maps, and art supplies are enhancing cultural understanding on both sides of the Pacific. In 2003, graduate students involved in ICS projects in Nepal sponsored a fundraiser in order to buy new equipment for these Nepalese schools. As a consequence, new microscopes, as well as equipment and supplies for physics and chemistry demonstrations, meteorology measurements, and biology instruction, were delivered to the schools.

Research Sponsored Outreach

SCEC Borehole Initiative Outreach Web Page. This page is targeted at elementary school users and is a good, starting point for links concerning general earthquake education.
SCEC PBIC Outreach Web Page. This site deals with outreach efforts specific to the SCEC Portable Instrument Center.

Institute Sponsored Outreach

Understanding Earthquakes - General Interest Earthquake Information
Santa Barbara Earthquake History
CUBE systems on the UCSB campus
CISN Display systems on the UCSB campus
Nick Webster's outreach program
FAQ - Questions that our researchers are frequently asked along with our researchers' responses
Near Real-Time Earthquake Map

Interested in a presentation on earthquakes or some other earth science topic? Our researchers are interested in finding time in their schedules to share their enthusiasm with elementary, junior high, high school students or other community groups. Contact us to see about scheduling a presentation.

Educational Components

Site dedicated to Figures from the Burbank and Anderson Tectonic Geomorphology book.

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