Figure 1: The number of new awards is shown for each year since ICS was established. The decrease in 1997/98 is an artifact of the timing of the major Southern California Earthquake Center award. Eight awards totaling $542,000, that normally are part of our annual package, arrived a couple of weeks after the June 30 deadline.

Figure 2: The total number of students involved in ICS research activities are plotted for each year. Over the past several years the number of students has been between 30 and 40, roughly comparable to the number of faculty and professional researchers in ICS. This year there are 19 graduates and 21 undergraduates.

Figure 3: A pie showing the total amount of awards being administered with the operational budget for administration and special projects at ICS.

Figure 4: The amount of new awards, the core budget and the core+special projects budget is shown for each year. As noted in the caption of Figure 1, had the SCEC funds arrived on time, the new awards for 1997/98 would have exceeded $2M. The operational costs have remained fairly constant over time.