Institute for Crustal Studies
1996/97 Annual Report

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Publications from Supported Research


Bryce, Julia G.

"Dependence of self-diffusivity on P and T in molten NaAlSi2O6: Comparison of Laboratory and Molecular dynamics experiments" Geophysical Research Letters (with Frank J. Spera, Daniel J. Stein) (ICS Contribution #0266-42CM)

Keller, Edward A.

"Hydrological Response of Small Watersheds following the Southern California Painted Cave Fire of June 1990" Hydrological Processes VOL.11, 401-414 (with David W. Valentine, Dennis R. Gibbs) (ICS Contribution #0271-62HW)


Cisowski, Stanley M.

"An Examination of the Paleointensity Record and Geomagnetic Excursions Recorded in Leg 155 Cores" Proc. ODP Scientific Results, 155: College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program) 1997 (with F.R. Hall) (ICS Contribution #0263-70TC)

Cullen, Stephen

"An Evaluation of California's Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Clean-Up Process" Ingegneria Geologia Degli Acquiferi 1st International Conference The Impact of Industry on Groundwater Resources, Cernobbio, Italy, May 22-24, 1996 (with J.C. Michaelsen, D.W. Rice, B.P. Dooher, L.G. Everett, W.E. Kastenberg) (ICS Contribution #0255-60HW)

Tumarkin, Alexei G.

"A dual approach to ground motion prediction" Proceedings of the 11th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering: June 23-28, 1996, Acapulco, Mexico vol. 2, paper 1073 (with Ralph J. Archuleta, David D. Oglesby) (ICS Contribution #0283-68EQ)

Books and Book Chapters

Kramer, John H.

"Bioventilation and Modeling of Airflow in Soil." Christon J. Hurst et al (eds) Manual of Environmental Microbiology , American Society for Microbiology Press, Washington DC (1997), Chapter 81, pp 746-752 (with Stephen J. Cullen) (ICS Contribution #0202-40HW)

Technical Reports

McNab Jr., Walt

"Draft Final Assessment of Appropriate Fuel Hydrocarbon Cleanup Strategies for George Air Force Base, Victorville, California: Using a Risk-Based Approach" Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California, UCRL-AR-125619dr (with David Rice, Brendan Dooher, Michael Kavanaugh, Stephen Cullen, Lorne Everett) (ICS Contribution #0256-61HW)

Refereed - in press

Bryce, Julia G.

"Dependence of self diffusivity in molten NaAlSi2O6: comparison of laboratory and molecular dynamics experiments" Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 24, no. 6, 711-714 (with Frank J. Spera, Daniel J Stein) (ICS Contribution #0262-40CM) in press

Lee, Jeff

"Geologic map of the southern Sierra Juarez, Baja California, Mexico" Geological Society of America Map and Chart Series (with M.M. Miller) (ICS Contribution #0282-77TC)

Tanimoto, Toshiro

"Bending Spherical Shell - Axisymmetric case" Geophysical Journal International (ICS Contribution #0258-58EQ)

Tumarkin, Alexei G.

"Recent Advances in Prediction and Processing of Strong Ground Motions" Natural Hazards (with Ralph J. Archuleta) (ICS Contribution #0261-61EQ)

Contributed - in press

Sugawara, O.

"3-D modeling of the 1990 M6.5 Near Izu Oshima earthquake in the Kanto Basin Proceedings ot the Seismological Society of Japan, Fall 1996 (with Kim B. Olsen, T. Yamanaka, M. Kamata, T. Konno) (ICS Contribution #0281-67EQ)

Refereed - submitted

Blikra, L.

"Large-scale gravitational sliding and catastrophic fluvial sedimentation at the Cretaceous Tertiary boundary in Baja California, Mexico" Bulletin of the Geological Society of America (with Cathy Busby) (ICS Contribution #0280-76TC)

Bohrson, Wendy A.

"Basement recycling in the genesis of evolved ocean island magmas: Constraints from Sr, Nd and Th isotopes on Socorro Island, Mexico" Journal of Petrology (with Mary R. Reid) (ICS Contribution #0267-43CM)

Critelli, S.

"Magmatic, Tectonic, and Sedimentary controls on the composition of backarc volcaniclastic rocks" Sedimentology (with Cathy Busby) (ICS Contribution #0279-75TC)

Crowell, John

"Ancient Ice Ages and the Causes of Climate Variations" Geological Society of America (ICS Contribution #0264-71TC)

Gans, Phillip B.

"Rapid extension shuts off volcanism in the Basin and Range Province" Nature (with Wendy A. Bohrson) (ICS Contribution #0268-44CM)

Madariaga, Raul

"Modeling dynamic rupture in a 3D earthquake fault model" Seismological Society of America (with Kim B. Olsen, Ralph J. Archuleta) (ICS Contribution #0273-65EQ)

Oglesby, David

"A Faulting Model for the 1992 Petrolia Earthquake: Can Extreme Ground Acceleration be a Source Effect? Journal of Geophysical Research (B Solid Earth) (with Ralph J. Archuleta) (ICS Contribution #0247-56EQ)

Olsen, Kim B.

"Three-Dimensional Dynamic Simulation of the 1992 Landers Earthquake" Science (with Raül Madariaga, Ralph J. Archuleta) (ICS Contribution #0272-64EQ)

Sorlien, Christopher

"Map restoration of folded and faulted strata across the Oak Ridge fault, onshore and offshore Ventura Basin, California" Geological Society of America (with Jean-Pierre Gratier, Bruce P. Luyendyk, J. Scott Hornafius, T.E. Hopps) (ICS Contribution #0257-69TC)

Tanimoto, Toshiro

"Buckling of Spherical Shell: Effects of Lithostatic Pressure and Buoyancy" Geophysical Journal International (ICS Contribution #0260-60EQ)

Tanimoto, Toshiro

"Global Image of the Upper 200km in the Earth by short period surface waves" Journal of Physics of the Earth (ICS Contribution #0259-59EQ)

Contributions - submitted

Archuleta, Ralph J.

"Source Inversion and Ground Motion Prediction with Empirical Green's Functions" CUREe (with Peng-Cheng Liu, Alexei G. Tumarkin) (ICS Contribution #0270-63EQ)

Bonilla, Luis Fabian

"Comparison of S-wave, coda, and H/V site response methods using Northridge aftershock data" CUREe (with Jamison H. Steidl, Grant T. Lindley, Alexei G. Tumarkin, Ralph J. Archuleta) (ICS Contribution #0269-62EQ)

Jones, E.

"Modeling of Non-linear Ground Motion" CUREe-Northridge Earthquake Conference (with Kim B. Olsen) (ICS Contribution #0274-66EQ)

Springer, David

"Air Permeability of Porous Materials Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions" Groundwater (with Hugo Loaiciga, Stephen Cullen, Lorne Everett) (ICS Contribution #0254-59HW)

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