Publications from Supported Research
ICS Contributions

Bonilla, Luis Fabian

"Site Amplification in the San Fernando Valley from Weak- and Strong-Motion Data" 11th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (with Jamison H. Steidl, Alexei G. Tumarkin)(ICS Contribution #0237-50EQ)

"Site Amplification in the San Fernando Valley, CA: Variability of site effect estimation using the S-wave, coda, and H/V methods. "Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (with Jamison H. Steidl, Grant T. Lindley, Alexei G. Tumarkin, Ralph J. Archuleta)(ICS Contribution #0242-53EQ)

Hopson, C. A.

"Coast Range ophiolite as paleoequatorial mid-ocean lithosphere" GSA Today (ICS Contribution #0244-63TC)

Hornafius, J. Scott

"Seismic Mapping of the North Channel Fault near Santa Barbara, CA" Southern California Earthquake Center, 1995 Annual Report (with Marc J. Kamerling, Bruce P. Luyendyk)(ICS Contribution #0250-66TC)

Kamerling, Marc J.

"The Oak Ridge fault and fold system, eastern Santa Barbara Channel, California" Southern California Earthquake Center, 1995 Annual Report (with Craig Nicholson)(ICS Contribution #0249-65TC)

Lindley, Grant T.

"Attenuation of Lg Waves Across the Contiguous United States: Data from the National Seismograph Network and Cooperating Stations" Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (ICS Contribution #0243-54EQ)

Luyendyk, Bruce P.

"Cretaceous extension and rifting of east Gondwana caused by subducted slab capture not ridge collision" 7th Antarctic Earth Sciences Symposium Proceedings (ICS Contribution #0231-60TC)

Olsen, Kim B.

"Site Response in the Los Angeles Basin From Three-Dimensional Simulations of Ground Motion" Proceedings of the International Workshop on Site Response subjected to Strong Earthquake Motions, January 16-17, 1996, Port and Harbour Research Institute, Yokosuka, Japan 220-235 (with R. J. Archuleta)(ICS Contribution #0238-51EQ)

"Three Dimensional Simulation of a Magnitude 7.75 Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault" Science (with Ralph J. Archuleta, Joseph R. Matarese)(ICS Contribution #0233-48EQ)

"3-D Simulation of Earthquakes on the Los Angeles Fault System" Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (with Ralph J. Archuleta)(ICS Contribution #0236-49EQ)

Rice, David W.

Recommendations to Improve the Cleanup Process for California's Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks (LUFTs) Submitted to the California State Water Resources Control Board and the Senate Bill 1764 Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Advisory Committee (with Stephen J. Cullen, Lorne G. Everett, Brendon P. Dooher, William E. Kastenberg, Randolph D. Grose)(ICS Contribution #0232-56HW)

Schermer, E. R.

"Late Cenozoic Structure and Tectonics of the Northern Mojave Desert" Tectonics (with B.P. Luyendyk, S. Cisowski)(ICS Contribution #0235-61TC)

Seeber, L.

"Listric thrusts in the western Transverse Ranges, California" Geologic Society of America (with C. C. Sorlien)(ICS Contribution #0251-67TC)

Smith, Christine

"H2O-CO2 Contents of Cordierite in Migmatites of the Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land" Terra Antarctica (ICS Contribution #0239-39CM)

"Migmatites of the Alexandra Mountains, West Antarctica: Pressure-Temperature Conditions of Formation and Regional Context" Geologisches Jahrbuch (ICS Contribution #0208-37CM)

Steidl, Jamison H.

"What is a Reference Site?" Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (with Alexei G. Tumarkin, Ralph J. Archuleta)(ICS Contribution #0197-47EQ)

"Seismic Hazard in the San Fernando Basin, Los Angeles, CA: A site effects study using weak-motion and strong-motion data" Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Seismic Zonation, October 17-19, 1995, Nice, France (with Fabian Bonilla, Alexei G. Tumarkin)(ICS Contribution #0246-55EQ)

Sylvester, Arthur G.

"Snake River, Wyoming, crossing with the Leica NA-3000 digital level" Survey Reviews (ICS Contribution #0240-62TC)

"Preseismic Tilt and Triggered Reverse Faulting Due to Unloading in a Diatomite Quarry near Lompoc, California" Seismologic Research Letters (with Jane Heinemann)(ICS Contribution #0241-52EQ)

Snake River, Wyoming, Crossing with the Leica NA-3000 Digital Level Survey Reviews (ICS Contribution #0198-51TC)

Tumarkin, Alexei G.

"Using Small Earthquakes to Estimate Large Ground Motions" Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Seismic Zonation: Nice, France, October 17-19, 1995 (with Ralph J. Archuleta)(ICS Contribution #0248-57EQ)

van der Wateren, F. M.

"Constraints on late Cenozoic rift shoulder uplift from landscape evolution studies in the Ross Embayment" NSF-OPP workshop report: The Transantarctic Mountains and the West Antarctic Rift; April 20-22, 1994, Estes Park, CO (with A.L.L.M. Verbers, C.H. Smith, B.P. Luyendyk)(ICS Contribution #0245-64TC)